Ongoing Continuous Learning and Authentic Engagement Designed to Enhance Culture and Organizational Outcomes

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Sometimes Training and Employee Engagement Need a Little Help, Especially with Sensitive Topics

Companies have the best intentions for sensitive trainings like workplace violence, DEI, and sexual harassment – but quite often low engagement and other factors that impact overall effectiveness.

Difficulty scheduling employee training without jeopardizing productivity

Uncomfortable settings that
stifle openness

Inability to gather data and measure results

Long time gaps between trainings inhibit sustained change

Reconnecting the Disconnected

Adults spend 1.6 – 3.2 hours per day using social media. Imagine the transformation that could happen if a fraction of that time was dedicated to cultural awareness.

DiverseCity uses small-group engagement to support DEI education and initiatives that our workplaces demand – on a mobile platform.

Users share, like, comment, and work through playbook activities while discussing pre-determined DEI topics.

By replacing traditional settings, DEI engagement increases and helps employees feel more comfortable.

Features and Benefits

On demand mobile platform, small private groups, social media concept.

Continuous, customized, points and rewards-based engagement.

Easy scalability regardless of employee count.

Data, analytics, and dashboards to measure success.

We’re All in this Together

Finally, you have an easy way to deploy your DEI training without scheduling, travel, or work disruptions.

With The DiverseCity App® there is educational continuity, safe and open dialog, and the ability to track results.

This is when real change begins to happen…

Customize a Culture of Engagement

Support continuous learning
Measure progress
Find curated content to fit your needs
Optional leaderboard, badges, and rewards

Good leaders want to move beyond superficial DEI promises and into real solutions.

We’re a safe community-based solution to a complex problem.

DiverseCity is much more than an app.

Creating Positive Impact

Workplace Transformation



An Increased Sense of Belonging

Strengthening DEI Initiatives


Communities We Serve

The DiverseCityApp is a mobile platform that creates a safer space to support training, and authentic employment engagement.

Whether you are part of a company, a government agency, academia, or local community initiatives, The DiverseCity App provides unique instances of a closed, social media technology that can be seamlessly tailored to your unique training and employee engagement needs.

Private, safe, and easy to use, The DiverseCity App allows your teams to discuss sensitive topics openly, regardless of location.

Join us today in shaping a future where true and productive belonging is embraced.

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The DiverseCity App is looking for partners that are passionate about learning, development, and want to be a part of shifting change or culture in workplaces and communities.

Relationship Partners earn commissions through organizations looking to enhance employee engagement, tackle sensitive subjects and train on important topics that affect the bottom line. Help us support to your goals, communities, and clients through our partnership programs and enjoy the rewards of being a valued member.